​Total for the entire treatment you need:2 packs of Methandienone
2 packs of Turinabol
1 pack of testosterone enanthate
2 packs of Boldenone Undecylenate
6 Packs Proviron
1 pack of clomiphene
2 Packs Pregnyl l500This cure is the bodybuilders about 8 to 15 kg of muscle mass and 15-30 kg more strength training.From the first until the sixth week of taking Methandienone and testosterone enanthate, Proviron. In the sixth week, you start with 250 mg Boldenone Undecylenate.In the seventh week, you stop with the Methandienone and testosterone enanthate and you continue with Turinabol, Bolderon and Proviron. Proviron plays a key role in this cycle, because it strengthens not only the effect of other steroids and prevents water retention, it protects from gynecomastia.The weeks from 13 to 16 are the time when the organism needs to establish the normal levels of testosterone and therefore is taken every day 50 gm clomiphene.At this treatment it is necessary Karsil through all 16 week to take – 1 tablet in the morning, noon and night

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