Stromba 10 (Stanozolol) – 100tabs (10mg/tab)

Name: Stromba

Chemical Name: Stanozolol

Manufacturer: OmegaMeds

Steroid Type: PCT – Oral

Package Contains: 100tabs x 10mg/tab

Stanozolol is an anabolic steroid used to get lean and hard, it’s mainly used as an oral during cutting cycles to lose body fat. It’s as variant of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), so you can expect similar fat loss benefits as you would with any other DHT derivative steroid. For most users, it’s a cheaper alternative to Oxandrolone.

Just as with most DHT related steroids, you don’t need to worry about Stanozolol converting to estrogen.

In terms of dosages, for men the optimal dose is 50-80mgs per day, and for women it’s around 10-30mgs per day.


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Omega Meds

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Stromba 10 (Stanozolol) - 100tabs (10mg/tab)
Stromba 10 (Stanozolol) – 100tabs (10mg/tab)
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