Pregnyl 5000 i.u. (Gonadotropin Chorionic)

1 BOX – 1 amp + 1 amp x 5000 i.u.

Pregnyl contains:
– Carmellose sodium
– Chorionic gonadotropin
– Disodium phosphate anhydrous
– Mannite (E 421)
– Sodium dihydrogen phosphate (anhydrous)
Pregnyl belongs to a group of hormones called gonadotropins, which play an important role in human fertility. It only works when injected.
Pregnyl, along with other drugs, is used to make an egg mature in the ovaries and release the egg.
Pregnyl is used to increase sperm count. It is also used in boys with un-descended testicles.
Pregnyl is not addictive.
Ask your doctor if you have any questions about this medicine.
The frequency of these side effects is unknown:
– fluid accumulation in the lungs
– Fever
– Headaches
– injection site problems like bruising, pain, redness, swelling, itching, skin rash, or allergic reactions
– Liver problems
– may affect pregnancy test results
– Miscarriage
– Mood swings
– Multiple pregnancy
– Edema
– rash or skin rash
– Thromboembolism
– Tiredness
Pregnyl 5000 i.u. (Gonadotropin Chorionic)
Pregnyl 5000 i.u. (Gonadotropin Chorionic)
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